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Why our Mobile App Analytics

Our Analytic solutions will help you to monitor metrics that can scale to track volume of custom events.


Build your Audience

Understand what your users are doing when they are in your app and how visitors interact with your pages. You can also find your top customers and compare user Behaviour. Our Analytics will assist you in knowing your audience with tools like audience data and reporting. You will be able to trace the customer path with features like mobile traffic, map overlay, traffic sources, social reports and also understand when users are around and where they drop off with tools like event tracking, real time reporting, in-page analytics, flow visualisation and site search.

Customer Behaviour Analytics

We deliver advanced analytics that help you find answers to the harder questions about your app's business.

Differentiating high value customers from barnacles. Monitoring and reporting will assist you to gather customer insights to measure key performance indicators.

The key is to understand your customer using the right channel to offer the right offer to the right customer at the right time. Merchandise analysis will assist you to understand the needs of your customers.

Understanding the different segments of buyers and knowing where are they, and what do they look like. Allocating the right resources with sales integration and modelling will assist you to generate revenue in the future.

Understanding unique characteristics of your customer to tailor your products/services to individual customer needs. A direct marketing strategy can be executed based on statistical analytics and business metric reports.

Mobile App Analytics

Our Analytic solutions will play a vital part in your application to identify areas of improvement and maximise your success rate in the market.

  • Real time reporting
  • Who uses your application on what mobile devices
  • Location and traffic sources reports to display what brought users to your app.
  • Event tracking and flow visualisation will keep you engaged to know behavioural features of a customer like pause, action or disappearing from your mobile app.

Data collection & Analysis

Get accurate view of your customers with data collection and management techniques that can be customised to your needs.

Explore flexible and scalable ways to manage and access your Atcom analytics account creation and configuration in a programmatic way.

You can easily access and connect offline conversations with online activity with help of multi device and multi screen.
Track your visitors on your mobile app to measure activities like downloads, in-screen activities and mobile ad clicks.
Measure user interaction with our native iOS and Android SDKs.

Data Science

Data from multiple sources is collected and integrated into a single destination with our data consolidation techniques to reduce inefficiencies like data duplication and thereby preserving data integrity.

Our Analytics will assist you in organising and analysing all of your data in ways that better reflect your business by letting you upload data from external sources and combining it with data you collect via our Analytics.

We assemble the product from the product components and ensure if the product is functioning properly when integrated with the app and analytics.

Report Management

Retrieve report data and save your time by automating complex reporting tasks with our simple and powerful APIs. You will also be able to get deeper insights by integrating our analytic data with your business data.

Analysis & Reporting

To reflect the needs of your business, Atcom analytics for Mobility solutions delivers real time tracking where real- time visits let you know which content is popular and new promotions let you know the traffic that is driving to your site.

Share your reports now with colleagues and have instant access to dashboards and metrics that really matter to your business.

Understanding customer behaviours to identify your most powerful promotions and best selling products with Ecommerce reporting feature.
Your customer’s loyalty, location, and operating system they use and many other important features can be seen here to focus on your audience.
To get deeper insights of your business, you can integrate your own data with our analytics data so that you save time and build custom solutions.
Your will meet your objectives by measuring your sales and actions of the visitor using conversion reporting for your mobile app.
For a better user experience, We will offer you with built-in crash and exception reporting feature.

Channel Activation

After unlocking the insights, the data is activated and the insights are turned into action. Data Activation is a combination of stages, which when achieved, results in core strategy, drives marketing efforts and experiment with new channels and content.

Our Analytics will generate alerts called intelligence events when your apps traffic is monitored and detects significant statistical variations.

Our Services

Standard Analytics

This solutions has Limited Standard features to upscale your business.

Analytic Premium

This solution has Premium features to upscale your business.

Consumer Analytics

Get all Consumer Insights, Behaviour, Values and Strategic Insights with our analytic solutions.

Training Solution

We will train you to use our analytic solutions for faster growth in your business.